Every DEG product is inspired by the demands of dedicated students and players from around the world. Whether intended for the beginner or advanced musician, our products all embody our constant pursuit of precision, exceptional value and durability.


From our smartly designed Flutist’s Friend to our brass and drum lyres, DEG lyres hold your music where you can see it. Sturdy, lightweight aluminum and ABS construction will hold up for years of parades and field shows. Made in the U.S.A.


Our flip folders are industry standard and our folio pages are designed to stay in place and reduce glare.


Highest quality clear music sleeves to fit HC200 Flip Folder. Available in packs of five along with extra plastic rings and wind clip.


Easy and totally secure fastening for all sleeves within HC200 Folders. High quality, durable black plastic.


Coin purse style pouches protect mouthpieces from nicks and tarnish. Available in three different sizes for Trumpet, Trombone and Tuba.

Truing Tool

The DEG Mouthpiece Shank Repair Tool removes dents from a brass mouthpiece’s shank. Made from stainless steel, its T-Handle provides a solid grip. Built for years of reliable service.


Solves your mouthpiece height problem without sacrificing your contact with the tuba. The rest boasts sturdy aluminum construction with folding tripod legs. The neoprene rubber pad is contoured to fit the bell of any tuba. Knob height adjustment plus locking collar ensures rock solid support.


The DEG Claricord Strap neck strap transfers the weight of the clarinet from the hands of the player. The elastic neck strap moves with the player and helps relieve thumb and hand strain.